An air ambulance is a fixed-wing aircraft (airplane) that provides full-service intensive care to onboard patients. In general, an air ambulance is a perfect choice when a patient needs to travel a longer distance (200+ miles) to receive medical care and for other medically appropriate reasons.

Here you will learn about five of the most common reasons why patients and their loved ones opt to use an air ambulance service.

Injured When Traveling Abroad

Every year, thousands of people traveling internationally encounter travel risks such as injury and serious illness. For these travelers, often it is preferable to return to their home country to receive professional medical care and to recuperate.

The best way to accomplish this, especially in more remote or rural international areas, is often by air ambulance. In addition, arranging for transport by air ambulance ensures that emergency medical care can be administered right from the moment of lift-off and all the way to the home destination.

Traveling to a Different State to Receive Specialized Medical Care

In some cases, a patient may need to travel from one state to another in order to receive a certain type of medical care. This may be due to the highly specialized nature of the patient’s illness or injury or it may be a personal preference; or sometimes both.

Logistical issues are common in these types of situations, often because the patient needs special support and/or monitoring during transit. This makes an air ambulance a perfect choice for interstate transport for medical reasons.

Additionally, because in most cases an air ambulance can also transport a loved one, space permitting, this ensures both parties can travel safely and in comfort to the new medical facility.

Travel Internationally to Receive Medical Attention

International travel for medical reasons has become more common today. Part of the reason for this is because, even with insurance support, having procedures done domestically are often more expensive at home than they are abroad.

For patients with critical care needs that wish to receive medical care in a place other than their home country, the air ambulance is best positioned to provide for their medical needs and safety from bedside to bedside.

Visit Family

Older adults today are looking forward to much longer life expectancies than that of previous generations. However, just because an older adult remains active and vibrant in mind doesn’t mean the body will always follow suit.

With families increasingly separated due to job-based relocations, marriage and other considerations, elders that wish to travel to visit family members may be too medically frail to do so safely via regular commercial air or train travel.

But with the help of an air ambulance, seniors can continue traveling to visit loved ones around the country and even internationally.

Special Weight Issues

The trend towards obesity has put many adults at risk when flying commercially.

Some adults cannot be seated comfortably or safely in commercial aircraft seats, while others may have special medical needs related to weight issues, such as respiratory monitoring, heart rate, blood pressure or pressure sores from remaining in one position for an extended period of time.

An air ambulance is equipped to handle the special needs of these patients and can ensure they are transported safely.

These five uses for an air ambulance are increasingly common today as a way to ensure patients with special needs are able to travel without enduring undue medical risks.